How Do Old Furnaces Differ From New Ones?

Are you thinking of upgrading your outdated heating system? Residential gas and oil furnaces have a lifespan of approximately 16 years. If your furnace is showing tell-tale signs of aging, such as poor fuel efficiency, frequent need for repairs, or uneven heat distribution, then it may be time to start shopping for a replacement.


The main difference between an old and new furnaces is efficiency. Modern furnaces waste less fuel when heating your home. They’re also engineered to better direct heat into your house rather than out the chimney.

Fewer Repair Costs

While installing a new furnace can be costly, it eliminates the need to invest in costly and unexpected repairs. Why sink money into an outdated heating system when you could reduce your energy bills with a new one?


When you install a new heating system, you may also opt to set up individual heating zones. This enables you to remedy uneven heat distribution or tailor settings to please individual household members.

Expert Eyes

When you hire a professional, such as Glenn Baker’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Baton Rouge, to install a new heating system in your home, the technicians will examine every inch of your ductwork to ensure that it’s working as efficiently as possible.

Evaluating the Numbers

A professional heating contractor can help you compare your current furnace to a wide range of new ones. He or she can also calculate your furnace’s annual fuel utilization efficiency to determine your potential cost savings and reduced environmental impact.


Older furnaces are more likely to have faulty electrical components as well as excess carbon monoxide output. A seasoned HVAC professional can examine your existing heating system to determine whether or not it poses a potential threat. Often, the cost of replacing worn or damaged parts outweighs the cost of a replacement.

Multi-Stage Heating

Older systems run at one speed. Meanwhile, many new systems offer multiple heating stages. This enables a heating system to reduce its overall effort during times of lower output. This puts less stress on the overall system and enables it to run more efficiently.

Glenn Baker’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has proudly served the Baton Rouge area for more than 60 years. Call us today to talk about replacing your outdated furnace. We can also assist with cooling repair, maintenance, and installation.

Saving Money on Winter Energy Bills

High energy bills in the winter can cause a lot of stress. There are several ways that you could heat your home more efficiently and lower the amount you have to pay when the temperatures outside start to drop. Having a clean furnace that is free from any obstructions can dramatically increase the efficiency of your heating system. By checking your furnace filter monthly, you can replace it when it gets dirty.

Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills in the Winter

Making a few lifestyle adjustments can end up greatly reducing your energy bill. Something as simple as using LED lights for your Christmas decorations could end up greatly reducing your electricity bills. Opening the shades on south-facing windows can let in a lot of sunlight to warm different rooms. Some of the other steps you can take include:

  • Heating only the rooms you use
  • Lowering the house temperature at night
  • Wearing warmer clothing instead of increasing the heat
  • Using a humidifier

Having proper insulation in your home could keep heat from escaping to the outside. Furthermore, weather stripping for your windows and doors can keep cold air from entering around small openings. To keep hot air from rising and leaving the inhabitants of a room cold at the bottom, use ceiling fans to keep warm air circulating. It’s also important to address heating repairs as soon as there’s a noticeable problem.

Trusted Energy Efficiency Experts

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