How to Run a Heating System Efficiently

Have you ever had energy bills start off small in winter but skyrocket a few months later? Inefficient systems result in costly energy bills. If you have struggled with your heating system operating inefficiently, the following three tips may help.

1. Change the Air Filter as Recommended

One of the top reasons behind an inefficient heating system is a dirty air filter. You should change the air filter based on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule to keep the system operating efficiently. Some heating systems need an air filter change once a month. Others may only need the air filter changed every few months.

Arctic Air of Southern Utah offers preventative heating maintenance in the St. George area. We also handle additional maintenance tasks to keep your heating system operating efficiently. If we notice your air filter needs to be changed during maintenance, we’ll change it for you.

2. Don’t Adjust the Thermostat Unless Necessary

Your heating system will run most efficiently when you leave it set at a certain temperature rather than frequently adjusting it. Frequent adjustments of the thermostat waste fuel. Experiment to discover what temperature you feel most comfortable at. You can turn the thermostat up 1-2 degrees when you feel too cold, then turn it back to your ideal temperature once you begin to feel too hot.

3. Lower the Thermostat Before Sleeping

Turn down the thermostat 1-2 degrees before going to sleep at night. You will still feel comfortable under the covers. Many people actually sleep better when it’s cooler. Lowering the thermostat before bed will help save money on heating your home without you even noticing a temperature difference. In the morning, you can return the thermostat to your ideal temperature. If you find it tiring to change the thermostat routinely, you can have a programmable thermostat installed. A programmable thermostat will automatically adjust the set temperature at specified times.

Arctic Air of Southern Utah has been in business for over 25 years serving southern Utah cities like Santa Clara, Ivins, and Washington. In addition to heating maintenance, we offer heating installation, heating repair, cooling repair, cooling installation and cooling maintenance. Contact us today for more information on our heating and cooling services.

Tips on Finding the Best Furnace

Most people are dependent on their home furnaces to stay warm and comfortable during the fall and winter seasons. When it’s time to install a new furnace, you’ll need to select the right product to ensure that it operates well and evenly distributes heat throughout the house. Here are a few useful tips to follow to find the best furnace.

Look for the Proper AFUE Rating

As you start to shop for a new furnace, it’s important to find a high-efficiency condensing furnace, especially if you live in a cold climate like Savannah. Those who experience temperate winters can benefit by a furnace that has an AFUE rating of 80 percent. Ask our technicians to calculate the fuel costs involved with each product, which can allow you to determine if one of the models is worth the investment due to the savings that it offers.

Purchase a Product With a Warranty

One of the most common mistakes that consumers make when purchasing a furnace is buying a product that doesn’t include a warranty. Higher quality models often include longer warranties because they’re built with a high level of durability and are more efficient. A long-term warranty is also integral if you plan to purchase a condensing furnace.

Look for a Programmable Thermostat

The best furnaces include a programmable thermostat, which can allow you to reduce your energy usage and save more money over time. You can reduce your electric bill by two percent for each degree that you turn down the thermostat, which makes it worth investing in a product that includes the feature. They can also allow you to keep the home colder at night when less heat is needed as residents sleep and stay warm in bed.

Not only can our technicians help you find the right furnace to heat your interior setting, but they also offer heating and cooling services. Call us at Savannah Air Factory today for more information on the different types of furnaces that we have available for our customers.