Conserve Energy This Summer

Summer can be one of the worst times for your home’s energy efficiency. Our air conditioning systems have to work hard during the summer to keep our homes cool and comfortable, accounting for one of homeowner’s largest monthly costs. Home Comfort Geo encourages homeowners to follow these tips to boost energy efficiency to save money this summer:

–          Consider upgrading your AC to a geothermal heating and cooling system. Even the best traditional systems range from 90-98 percent maximum efficiency, whereas geothermal systems range from 400-500 percent energy efficiency. Your savings with a geothermal system will be significant and help you become more sustainable, as well as reduce the use of fossil fuels. Home Comfort Geo has the skills and products for installation and geothermal cooling repair Poseyville residents trust.

–          Insulate your home. An insulated home is an energy efficient home. Add insulation to your attic, add insulating barriers behind walls, plug holes from outlets and fixtures, add weatherstripping around doors, and caulk around windows.

–          Try cooking outside this summer. The oven and stovetop can really warm up your house, making your air conditioner’s job that much harder. This summer, opt for the grill and watch your energy costs drop!

Finish Home Maintenance Before Summer

Most people make spring cleaning and maintenance lists, but they don’t always get completed before summer. Finishing these maintenance needs on your home before summer is important because working outdoors in the heat can be miserable, and even dangerous, and it’s important to maximize energy efficiency before you have to turn on the AC and run it all day. Follow these tips to prioritize maintenance before summer:

  • Have your air conditioning system tuned-up by a professional at Metro heating and Cooling. Maintenance services will boost the system’s efficiency and identify any issues indicating the need for Upper St. Clair air conditioning repair.
  • Check your roof for damage from all of the rain during the spring. If shingles are curling or cracking, it’s time to replace them. Depending on the severity, the entire roof may need to be replaced.
  • Evaluate the outside of your home. If the paint is chipping or peeling, it needs to be scraped off, sanded, and repainted. Consider freshening up your entire home with a fresh coat of paint. 
  • Plug all electronics into surge protectors. This will not only guard against power surges due to the remaining spring storms, but it will reduce phantom energy loss from having electronics plugged directly into the outlet, even when not in use.