Tricks for Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency During Winter

In today’s age of environmental awareness, many people are more concerned with their level of energy consumption. Here are a few tips for beefing up your home’s heating efficiency this winter.

Keep Your Vents Mounted to the Floors

As you know all too well, utility bills are consistently higher in the winter than during warmer months. Since heat rises, your home’s HVAC system should have all of its vents mounted to the floors of each room that they’re in rather than their walls or ceilings. This tip is important to keep in mind if you’re building a home or remodeling it. Otherwise, don’t gut your home’s ductwork just to mount your vents to the floor.

Invest in a Thermal Sensor

If you’re even remotely familiar with baseball, you’re familiar with the hand-held speed guns that scouts use to determine how fast pitches are thrown. Home improvement stores stock thermal sensors that are also hand-held. They look virtually the same.

With one of these hand-held thermal sensors, you’ll be able to determine whether heat is being evenly spread throughout your home. If it’s not, you should consider investing in one or more fans to evenly distribute heated air to make your home more comfortable to live in.

Try Not to Lower Your Temperature All Winter Long

Consistently maintaining the temperature in your home is far easier than heating it up only when you’re cold. Although it might seem like the longer your HVAC system heats your home, the more energy will be consumed, this isn’t always true. Keep your home’s thermostat at the lowest temperature that you’re comfortable with.

Even though winters in Westchester, Illinois, can be very cold, resist your urge to turn your home’s thermostat too high. Try to keep it as mildly warm as possible at all times to be more efficient this winter.

Being energy efficient is a great way to reduce harm to the environment and lower your utility bill. If you need help becoming energy efficiency, call our Pro Temp of Illinois team. We’re always open to help in regard to heating and cooling services.