How to Check for Air Leaks in Your Home

Air leaks are extremely common in homes on areas that include windows and doors. Although air leaks are common, they can lead to increased energy usage and higher bills throughout the year. If you want to check for air leaks in your home to protect the interior setting, then there are a few important tips to follow.

Perform a Visual Inspection

You can discover air leaks that are present by performing a visual inspection where the different building materials meet. Inspect areas where outdoor water faucets are present, where siding and chimneys meet and all exterior corners. When inspecting the inside of the house, check switch plates, attic hatches, vents and fans, and electrical or gas service entrances.

Perform a Pressurized Test on the House

Those who have difficulty locating leaks can perform a pressurized test on the home to increase infiltration through leaks and cracks. You’ll need to shut all windows and doors while turning off combustion appliances. Light a candle or incense to determine where the smoke moves horizontally, which indicates where air leaks are present in different areas of the house. Using a damp hand to feel for air leaks will also make it easier to determine where the air is entering the home from the outside.

Use a Flashlight

At night, use a flashlight to shine light over areas where gaps may be present to determine where air leaks have formed as another person evaluates the exterior of the home. If he or she sees any light shining through, then it will allow you to determine where caulking is needed to seal the house. You can also shut a door or window on a dollar bill to determine if it slides out easily, which will reveal if gaps are present.

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