Spring Cleaning Tips

If you want your home to be clean and organized year round, you need to invest some time in spring cleaning each year. Here are few ways to keep your home clean all year.

  1. Have your air ducts cleaned. Find a company that specializes in air conditioning in Denver to have them clean out your ducts. Doing this annually keeps built up dust from blowing around your home and infiltrating your indoor air.
  2. Clean your ceilings. This is time consuming and not something you want to do every week, but once a year you should break out the step ladder and clean dust, cobwebs, and stains off of your ceilings.
  3. Wash your walls and baseboards. This will remove built up dirt and make your whole home cleaner.
  4. Clean your grout. In order to maintain your tile and grout, it needs to be cleaned at least once a year. You can schedule a company to come clean it or, if that is out of the budget, you can use grout cleaner and a sponge and do it yourself.
  5. Clean your carpets and area rugs.
  6. Clean your oven. Once a year you need to run the self-cleaning cycle on your oven. Once it is done, scrub out any debris or stains that were not removed during the cleaning cycle. If you have stubborn food stains, you can buy oven cleaner at your local store that will help you remove burnt on grime and food.
  7. Organize your closets. Get rid of anything you don’t use to cut down on clutter.
  8. Clean out your garage. Get rid of anything you don’t use, use a shop vac to vacuum up dirt, and wipe down walls, appliances, light switches. You might also want to use a dry duster to remove dirt from tools that are not used frequently.

By taking on these big projects each spring you will make your home easier to clean year round. You will also help cut down on clutter which will make your home more organized and all your things easier to find.

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