The Birth of the Modern Air Conditioner

Did you know that the modern air conditioner was invented a few years more than 100 years ago? It’s strange to think an invention we rely on so much in our daily lives has not been around that long. In 1902, a man named Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner. He created a system that would manage the temperature and humidity levels indoor to keep paper from expanding and contracting for a publishing company.

Over the years, the system was perfected and new applications were sought. By the 1920s, his invention was revolutionizing the medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries in ways that would not have been possible without indoor temperature control. Though Carrier never intended his invention to be used for human comfort, that’s exactly how it was being used in homes, stores, and businesses during the following years. Movie theatres were some of the first businesses to have air conditioning, and attracted big crowds during the summer, giving birth to the summer blockbuster.

Today, most American homes have air conditioners, and we’re glad they do! Most of us can’t imagine life without AC. Thankfully, we also have local and honest HVAC companies like County Wide Service Company carrying the torch for Willis Carrier, making sure we stay cool and comfortable, regardless of how hot it gets outdoors.

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