Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

Have you addressed the home maintenance needs that you put off during winter? If not, spring’s the time to do it! Along with spring cleaning, evaluate what aspects of your home need to be repaired or spruced up.

Start with your home’s energy efficiency. Did you feel you were paying too much on energy bills during the winter? If so, you may need in need of professional HVAC services, and Mason Mechanical is the choice for air conditioner and furnace repair in Peoria. If you were experiencing issues with your system in the winter, don’t expect them to go away during the summer – they will only get worse! Also check your other large appliances like the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and clothes washers. If they are taking too long to run cycles, put off excess heat, or simply don’t function properly, energy efficiency could be suffering, so you should consider upgrading to more efficient models. Light bulbs are another area where energy efficiency can be compromised. Replace them with bulbs that are Energy Star certified!

Evaluate the outside of your home as well. Are there any areas that were made worse with winter weather or spring showers? Make repairs to broken down portions of your home’s exterior and cover with a fresh coat of paint to protect. Make sure the vegetation in your yard isn’t too close to the home, which can cause structural damage or trap moisture, causing breakdown and inviting pests.

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